Derbicolor P-FR-CR

Product Documents

  • High quality 4.1 mm (161 mil) granule surfaced UL Class A fire-resistant
  • APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane
  • Derbigum’s exclusive blend of APP (atactic polypropylene) polymers and select asphalts enhances the weathering capabilities and UV resistance of the membrane.
  • Reinforced with a tough, dimensionally stable 220 gram polyester mat fortified with continuous fiberglass runners
  • Highly reflective granulated surface provides added resistance to weathering and foot traffic.
  • DERBICOLOR P-FR-CR may be used as both a roofing and flashing membrane.
  • 30 years proven experience of the APP & Asphalt blend
  • Can be applied with PERMASTIC Cold Adhesive or heat welded

Product Properties

Installation Method
PERMASTIC Cold Adhesive or heat welded
4.1 mm (161 mil)

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